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Busy bee….

Life is crazy as usual and I apologize that I didn’t schedule/write a post over the past almost 2 weeks. I know I had it written in my planner but it still didn’t get done LOL. I am honestly trying to get better about following my planner so that I don’t forget as many things on my to do list. Hey at least I haven’t forgotten a kid somewhere right 😉

So I’ve been through 2 training sessions with Team In Training on Saturday mornings. They have been an experience for sure. But I made it!!! The team is great and we have great mentors & coaches. After the 1st practice/training session I was in a ton of pain (due to old crappy worn out wrong for my feet tennis shoes) and I wondered how I could keep it all together. But being the geniuses that they are @ Team In Training, they scheduled our 1st clinic to be @ Footworks and the team there is AMAZING!!!! I worked with the owner Mary and she immediately knew what was hurting from how I was standing and what shoes I would need. I love that woman to pieces for “fixing me”. Even doing a bridal show standing on my feet for several hours didn’t cause me the pain it used to since I started wearing the new tennis shoes every day!!!

Our 1st practice/training was 3 miles and the 2nd was 4.7 miles.  I pushed through even though I wasn’t sure I could do the 4.7 miles. I have a wonderful mentor and she will not let me stop. She gives me little tips and helps me keep my head up when I’m struggling.

We are going to enter as a team (the entire Team In Training team) for the Snowman Shuffle Race this Saturday February 12, 2011. I know we’ll be out in full force to represent Team in Training and the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. Hope to have y’all there to keep us going and support in any way you can, be it cheers from the crowd, to joining the team, to donating and helping us meet our fundraising goals!