So I’m a little behind in posting…

A few things have changed and I’ve let life’s business interfere, but I’m back to fix all of that. I have signed up as a team member of the Team In Training group here in Louisville. I am very excited to be part of such a wonderful group of people that I hope to consider family by the end of this training season!

With this new support system I am signing up to complete the Triple Crown here in Louisville. I know what some of you are thinking… Triple Crown? Isn’t that a horse race circuit? Many people that know of Louisville know us for being Derby City. These races however are for humans only 🙂 1st up is the Anthem Fitness Classic 5k on February 26. Next is the Rodes City run on March 12, and finally it’s the Papa John’s 10 miler on March 26.

I am thrilled and nervous as all get out of course since my inner athlete (read former cheerleader in High School) has been hiding for over a decade. But I am empowered and excited that TNT (Team In Training) will push me and help me the whole way through to each finish line.

Stay tuned to see the small victories and probable breakdowns and come along on my journey with me! Thanks!


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