The Snowman Shuffle

This was the 1st race that our Team in Training group participated in this season. 1:11:16.2 – 4 mile race – 17:49.1 min/mi

It’s not the best time by most standards but it served it’s purpose for me. It gave me a starting point and for that I am glad. I did not want to push myself during this race and for all but the last 1/2 mile I kept to my usual pace at the back of the group with a few wonderful teammates. We had previously completed a training session on January 29th of 3 miles and then on February 5th of just over 4 miles. We were prepared as far as distance for this race and because we were using it as a starting point – especially for those of us who were beginners – it was a great tool for us to use moving forward.


So why is this blog called “The Running Wedding Planner…

So why is this blog called “The Running Wedding Planner… I mean all I’ve blogged about up to this point is all of the races I’ll be training and walking in. Right? What on earth does any of this have to do with Weddings, planning them or being a planner? And why the “Running” Wedding Planner, if I don’t run. Well the hope/goal/plan is to learn how to become a runner. Yes that may sound silly to many of you out there, but running properly and running races is serious business. I have worked over the past 7 weeks just to get my walking pace and technique down. Who knew walking a 16 minute mile would be so hard? I didn’t, but I knew that I couldn’t figure it all out on my own. And yes 16 minutes to walk 1 mile is slow in comparison to a lot of people out there, but it’s an improvement over where I started so I’ll take it.

I have completed 2 official races and 1 bonus race in the beginning that we participated in as a team (our Team in Training walkers and runners completed the race) near the beginning of this training season so that we could get an idea of where we were starting from. I will be blogging about them soon so stay tuned!!!

Back to the wedding planning part of the blog name and journey. several of you know (and for those that don’t I’m sure you’ve guessed it by now) that I am a wedding planner! I own and operate a wedding planning business with my wonderful mother and we love what we do! We love all of the beautiful things that have to do with weddings, but we also love that we get to be part of such a wonderful day in people’s lives. We planned for years part-time for friends and family and for friends of friends, then we decided to make it an official business and go full-time! It has been a learning and growing experience for both of us.

We are very fortunate that we can work together and for ourselves. Our business (called Wedding Bells of Ky) is family owned and operated and we are proud of that fact. We joined a local network of wedding vendors at the end of 2010 and we’ve been super busy since then with all of the bridal shows and meetings and appointments that have resulted from those shows and we couldn’t be happier!!! We have many ideas on where the company will be headed over the next few years and it’s a very exciting time for us.

Thanks for joining me on my journey thus far and I hope you will stay with me. I vow to be a constant fundraiser to help provide the research that will some day find the cure for cancer!

If you feel in your heart that you would like to donate to my fundraiser (s) I sincerely appreciate the thought and the support. I am currently raising money to benefit the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society through Team in Training. Donations can be made through the following link:

Until next time,

Kim C

I forgot to update my About page here on the blog… oops!

It came to my attention the other night that I hadn’t updated my about page here on the blog to reflect where I am in my journey so far this year! I apologize for that. I signed up on the 22nd of January to become a member of Team In Training. This is a local group of walkers/runners/cyclists/triathletes that get together not only to train and enter races here locally in Louisville, KY, but also to enter races around the country – All while raising money that goes directly to research in finding a cure for Blood Cancers. Team In Training is directly partnered with The Leukemia & Lymphoma society. Every member that signs up to participate in an event gets a fundraising minimum and in turn Team In Training will pay your fees for the race(s) you would normally be paying for.

We started training the 29th of January and will train in rain, sun, & snow because you never know what the weather will be like on race day. It gets a bit tough but then you meet all of these wonderful people who have either survived cancer, had a family member diagnosed that survived (or sometimes went on to become Angels) or knows/knew someone touched by a blood cancer. Especially the ones who are survivors themselves, sometimes just weeks after completing a round of chemo/radiation, and they are out there pounding the pavement alongside the rest of us.

Please join me over the next few weeks, by donation, by prayer, by words of support and encouragement, or by cheering us all on at the finish line of our races and on the sidelines too!

All my appreciation,

KimC – The Running Wedding Planner

Busy bee….

Life is crazy as usual and I apologize that I didn’t schedule/write a post over the past almost 2 weeks. I know I had it written in my planner but it still didn’t get done LOL. I am honestly trying to get better about following my planner so that I don’t forget as many things on my to do list. Hey at least I haven’t forgotten a kid somewhere right 😉

So I’ve been through 2 training sessions with Team In Training on Saturday mornings. They have been an experience for sure. But I made it!!! The team is great and we have great mentors & coaches. After the 1st practice/training session I was in a ton of pain (due to old crappy worn out wrong for my feet tennis shoes) and I wondered how I could keep it all together. But being the geniuses that they are @ Team In Training, they scheduled our 1st clinic to be @ Footworks and the team there is AMAZING!!!! I worked with the owner Mary and she immediately knew what was hurting from how I was standing and what shoes I would need. I love that woman to pieces for “fixing me”. Even doing a bridal show standing on my feet for several hours didn’t cause me the pain it used to since I started wearing the new tennis shoes every day!!!

Our 1st practice/training was 3 miles and the 2nd was 4.7 miles.  I pushed through even though I wasn’t sure I could do the 4.7 miles. I have a wonderful mentor and she will not let me stop. She gives me little tips and helps me keep my head up when I’m struggling.

We are going to enter as a team (the entire Team In Training team) for the Snowman Shuffle Race this Saturday February 12, 2011. I know we’ll be out in full force to represent Team in Training and the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. Hope to have y’all there to keep us going and support in any way you can, be it cheers from the crowd, to joining the team, to donating and helping us meet our fundraising goals!

Am I crazy?!?!?!

The answer to that question is a resounding MAYBE!!!! If you’ve been reading my blog up to this point you know that I’m a newbie runner and that I needed help in learning the proper diet, proper way to train, and the support system in order to keep my resolution of getting back to good health. I know it will be a long journey, but it is more than worth it so that I’m always at my best, for my family, for me, and for those people whose lives I may touch in some way.

In my last post I mentioned that I’m a new member to Team In Training in the KY and Southern IN area. This wonderful group of people are here not only to help all of us achieve our individual goals, but to inspire us & show us that you can survive.

What are we surviving? Well, many people involved with the Team In Training program are there for it’s relationship to the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. We are fighting to raise awareness and money for LLS so that a cure for blood cancers can be found. We want everyone to know that if you have a loved one, or possibly you, yourself that has been dealt the hand of a blood cancer diagnosis, you have help. There are people to support you and help you in whatever way we have the means for.

Back to the me being crazy part, of course those who know me can give their own opinions if they’d like, but I’d like to say that overall I’m pretty normal. In light of that last statement I will begin to question my sanity daily over the next few weeks. I have signed up to run the Louisville Triple Crown and I will train for those races with my fellow TNT family. After completing these races I will continue training for the next month so that I can run and complete the Derby Festival Mini Marathon on April 30.

4 races in 2 months time after barely becoming a runner at the end of January 2011? Is that Crazy? Well, if it is, then sign me up (Pun Intended LOL)!

Keep coming back to see my struggles and victories and feel free to leave your support in the comments!

So I’m a little behind in posting…

A few things have changed and I’ve let life’s business interfere, but I’m back to fix all of that. I have signed up as a team member of the Team In Training group here in Louisville. I am very excited to be part of such a wonderful group of people that I hope to consider family by the end of this training season!

With this new support system I am signing up to complete the Triple Crown here in Louisville. I know what some of you are thinking… Triple Crown? Isn’t that a horse race circuit? Many people that know of Louisville know us for being Derby City. These races however are for humans only 🙂 1st up is the Anthem Fitness Classic 5k on February 26. Next is the Rodes City run on March 12, and finally it’s the Papa John’s 10 miler on March 26.

I am thrilled and nervous as all get out of course since my inner athlete (read former cheerleader in High School) has been hiding for over a decade. But I am empowered and excited that TNT (Team In Training) will push me and help me the whole way through to each finish line.

Stay tuned to see the small victories and probable breakdowns and come along on my journey with me! Thanks!

Slight change of plans but all is well…

March of Dimes

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After careful discussion with several people (including a few professionals of various fields), I have decided to postpone my participation in the Disney Princess half marathon. I will train hard this year and look forward to participating in this event in 2012. In the meantime, I am working to get information from several groups on training assistance/teams so that I can participate in a few local events.

I have just completed my sign up for the 2011 March of Dimes walk this May 14. Please support me in this event and stay tuned for more info to come very shortly.

Making steps

I had a quick preliminary meeting with my bank today. We discussed what needs to be done in order to set up a separate account just for raising funds for the Disney Princess Half Marathon race that I am aiming to run in next month.

I’m Posting every week in 2011!

I’ve decided I want to blog more. Rather than just thinking about doing it, I’m starting right now. I will be posting on this blog once a week for all of 2011.

I know it won’t be easy, but it might be fun, inspiring, awesome and wonderful. Therefore I’m promising to make use of The DailyPost, and the community of other bloggers with similiar goals, to help me along the way, including asking for help when I need it and encouraging others when I can.

If you already read my blog, I hope you’ll encourage me with comments and likes, and good will along the way.


Kimberly C.

About this blog

This blog is intended to first chronicle my journey from a 30 year old mom who is not in the best health to the completion of at least my 1st half marathon (and hopefully beyond). I am currently intending to participate and complete the Disney Princess half marathon on February 27, 2011 at Epcot in Orlando, FL. This is of course contingent on raising the funds necessary for all travel expenses as my family is not in the position to afford this on our own currently. I am positive that I can complete this race and will fall in love with running.

I am also a Certified Wedding Planner and run my own family owned and operated company alongside my mother and business partner, Wedding Bells of Ky. Thus The Running Wedding Planner is born!